July 2018 Favorites

Welcome to August, loves! July feels as though it has come and gone so quickly. While for most people summer may be almost over, here in Florida, it’s just as hot as the day it began, which in all honestly was probably mid-January. That being said, I wanted to end this July reminiscing over some favorites I have enjoyed this month.

First Grave on the RightProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

First Grave on the Right is the first book in a series by Darynda Jones. The story follows Charley Davidson, a private investigator in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Oh, and she’s also a grim reaper, which basically means she guides people into “the light”. This book has genre listings as paranormal, mystery, and romance, but as someone who hates reading romance novels, I still recommend this book. I find that the “romance” parts are not overpowering and actually have an interesting storyline themselves. This is a great read if you’re looking for a comedic paranormal mystery.


I would be fooling myself if I didn’t include the clothing website Shein in my July favorites. I’ve done three separate orders from this site so far and have yet to be majorly disappointed. While there were one or two items that I found would require a tailor in order to wear, I have successfully added several of their pieces to my wardrobe rotation. This website is affordable and has a nice range of clothing styles. Be warned, the clothes do come from China, so it can be difficult to find a size that works for you if you are a curvier girl, like myself. Thankfully they have a plus size section that can offer some solution. Just make sure you know your measurements!

Sleepy Lush Body LotionProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

I love everything from Lush, but I’ve yet to try their body lotion until this month. Packed with a soothing lavender scent, Sleepy is a pastel purple lotion that goes on smoothly, leaving the skin silky. This has quickly become one of my favorite lotions. I love popping this on just before bed to give myself a relaxing scent fall asleep to.

Mini BackpacksMoore070117-4

Alright, so I didn’t just discover mini backpacks. I’ve been riding the mini backpack train since last year, but I can’t get enough of them. Not only are they a cute addition to any summer outfit, but they offer all the benefits of a backpack without leaving the wearer looking like a middle schooler. I’ve found these bags in several stores, but I bought mine at Forever 21. Definitely a great buy!

Favorite Recipe


Photo from Julia’s Album

In an effort to get into healthier eating, I have been doing a tremendous amount for cooking for myself and my family. In my flurry of “pinteresting”, I came across a recipe for Pesto Chicken, Tortellini, and Veggies from the cooking blog Julia’s Album. This is one of the few meals I’ve tried where I followed the directions exactly and was completely happy with the result. While there is a decent ingredient list, I found the cooking process itself simple and straightforward. The robust flavors from the pesto and veggies mixed with the hearty chicken and tortellini, makes for a delicious option if you’re looking for a balanced dinner.  

July has been a whirlwind month, both in the activities I have engaged in and the speed at which it has ended. I hope you all will get a chance to experiment with some of this month’s favorites, and again, welcome to August!


Do you have any July favorites? Have you tried any of mine? Let me know in the comments below!

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