Waterfalls and an Old Bike: Revolution Coffee Co. Review

Good morning everyone, and happy Friday! Funny enough, it’s actually Friday when I’m writing this. I typically try to write ahead, but hey, life happens.

This week I wanted to switch it up and do a review of a cute little coffee shop in hidden away in Tampa, FL. Foundation Coffee Co. has three locations including the one that I visited on Franklin St. which also happens to be their first brick and mortar. The convenient location is only 4 blocks from Downtown Tampa, and it was quite easy to find parking.

From the front, Foundation is pretty unassuming. The building is fairly tall, with large windows displaying the store name cut into a pale green facade. The windows seem somewhat tinted, so it can be hard to see inside if you aren’t looking closely in. That kind of mystery definitely make me want to go inside.

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The inside is where the magic is. With 20ft. ceilings, the space feels open and airy. Reminiscent of Armature Works, the space has a highly industrialized feel, with brick walls, concrete floors, and steel counters. While it can be easy to make a space feel cold with this type of aesthetic, Foundation does a wonderful job at bringing light in with windows and warming up the space.

In terms of seating, there are two bar areas, one by the front door, and one at the sales counter. Small tables and chairs are scattered throughout the main area, with a large brown leather couch in the middle, not to mention a sweet courtyard outside with extra seating.

There are a few things that make this space special. Right when you enter, you hear a faint sound of rushing water. Nope, there isn’t an overflowing bathtub. There’s a waterfall. Yes, you read that right; a waterfall in the coffee shop running from the ceiling to the floor. It was such a surprise when I entered, but came to be a welcome background noise as I worked.

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On the opposite side, there is a large metal rack filled with glass containers, which looks similar to something you might find in a mad scientist’s lab. Right below the rack in a vintage bicycle which, I will admit, I did have the urge to pose on, but probably would have fallen over if I’d tried.

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Clustered on the wall opposite the counter is a collection of black and white photos of musicians. These photos I feel add a nice touch of homeliness without seeming too cheesy.

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Shifting now to the actual reason we go to coffee shops. Coffee. Ok, I’ll admit, I’m not a huge coffee person, but from what I can tell, Foundation has a nice selection of coffee, with flavors that you can add in. I opted for the less caffeinated iced tea, which was absolutely delicious. Though I will say, everything tastes more delicious in a glass mason jar mug.  

Overall, I am incredibly impressed Foundation Coffee Co. It’s so easy to miss, tucked away behind tinted windows on Franklin St. However, I highly recommend that everyone come visit this place. Not only do they have delicious drinks, but you’re sure to enjoy the peaceful and calming atmosphere.


What’s your favorite coffeehouse? Let me know in the comments or on my Instagram!

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