WIN Episode 1: Ripped Jeans

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while. Actually, more than a while. It’s taken a lot to get myself back in the mindset to start writing again, but here we are. I wanted to come back with a fresh idea for my blog.

I feel like I don’t do enough in the fashion arena, so I am launching a new series on the blog called Wear It New (WIN). In essence, I will be taking a piece of clothing and teaching you how to style it in 3-5 ways. This is definitely inspired by Mariam Musa and her outfit transformations on Instagram. Be sure to check her out here!

Now let’s get on with the outfits, shall we? I wanted to pick a neutral piece to build from, as well as something that’s very on trend right now: Ripped Jeans.


Streetwear is everywhere! So why not mix it in with the ripped jeans trend?



I paired a black bodysuit with the jeans and my Adidas Ultimafusion sneakers in white. While not the smartest choice for Tampa in May, I added an oversized acid wash jean jacket to finish off the look. Not only is this look casual, yet stylish, it doesn’t compromise comfort.


We’re mixing two major trends with this office look. Oversized blazers have been all over the magazines lately, and as someone who usually hates the current trends, I’m so into this one.




So, I’ve paired an oversized red blazer with that same simple black bodysuit, my ripped jeans, and black suede pumps.


The blazer, in addition to being incredibly comfortable, adds the perfect pop of color to break up an otherwise monotonous outfit.


Ah, my favorite time of the day. Night looks always get me excited because anything goes.  That being said, I don’t think night has to be complicated!


With the jeans, I have paired this cute, off-the-shoulder black and white gingham top and bright red kitten heels. I absolutely adore this top! It’s thin enough that you won’t end up sweating through it, but still covers up the goods. Not to mention, though high heels are incredible sexy, you’re going to be out all night. Pacing yourself with a shorter heel still gives some height without the pain.


I’m so excited to start this series with you! I want to show a new side of fashion and how versatile it can be. If there’s a piece of clothing you want me to try next, let me know either in the comments or on my Instagram!


What was your favorite look? Let me know down below!

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