I’m Monet, a 20 year old recent graduate of the University of South Florida. My passion is social media marketing, which I get to make my career. I started this blog in an effort to not only work through some of my “adulting” struggles, but to also help and inspire some of you. Some interesting facts about me:

  • I have Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from the University of South Florida (Go Bulls!)
  • I am the proud owner of two sweet puppers (Toby, a Boxer and Maggie, a Rottie/Lab)
  • My favorite social media platform is Instagram; it allows me to work my photography skills
  • I can say the entire Greek alphabet and know the first 10 numbers of Pi
  • I am a feminist
  • My favorite food is french fries and I refuse to share them
  • I collect event tickets; concerts, flights, places, movies, etc. I like to keep a record of where I’ve been and what I’v seen.
  • I absolutely love to cook
  • I adore musicals and my favorites areĀ A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder and Hamilton
  • I can play the ukulele and piano, but I wouldn’t ask me to do either

Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions you have for me or my blog. I am more than happy to answer!

Enjoy and happy “adulting”!